Wild Calendula + Orange Sea Salt Soak - East Coast Glow

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Our pure Sea Salt Soaks are made with mineral-rich sea salts harvested from the cold, clean waters of Newfoundland and Labrador, Dead Sea Sea Salts, pure essential oils, and wildcrafted botanicals and for an unhurried, meditative bath experience.

Wild Calendula + Orange features skin-soothing calendula petals and pure sweet orange essential oil. Take a deep breath and relax into bliss!

The alchemy of each of our scent profiles is designed to capture the essence of the wild that inspires every product that we create. From wildflowers to seaweed, our “Salt of the Earth” sea salt soak collection was created from a passion and respect for the power of plants and a desire for beautiful simplicity.

How to Use: Because essential oils vapourize upon contact with hot water, be sure that adding the salt is your last step. Dissolve ¼ - ½ cup in warm bathwater.