Finding Jane Book - Jeff Blackwood

Finding Jane Book - Jeff Blackwood

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Finding Jane is a love story about finding your one true love.

It is also an adventure story featuring pirate and hurricanes.

Ebenezer Blackwood was born in Scotland in 1791 and paid his first visit to Newfoundland in 1811.

He was a sea captain involved in the salt fish trade and sailed regularly to Barbados.

He met Jane in Barbados.

He and Jane married in Bonavista in 1823 and moved to Greenspond in about 1834.

Ebenezer was the first Blackwood to come to Newfoundland.

Finding Jane is a story for everyone who enjoys a good read, and it is especially for all the many many Blackwoods who descended from Ebenezer and Jane.

“While a substantial portion of the book is fiction or ‘possibilities,’ it does provide proof of Ebenezer and Jane’s life in Newfoundland and their descendants. It should offer to those who had, or have, the Blackwood name an opportunity to research your family tree. By the way, it can become addictive.

A Blackwood family reunion might be a great idea. We would probably need Mile One stadium.

I hope you enjoyed the book.”