Rock Recipes 3 Cook Book - Barry C. Parsons

Rock Recipes 3 Cook Book - Barry C. Parsons

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Break out your mixing bowls and preheat the oven because Barry C. Parsons, the bestselling cookbook author and creator of the phenomenal, is back with an extra helping of delicious recipes to delight everyone at your dinner table.

In Rock Recipes 3: Even More Great Food and Photos from My Newfoundland Kitchen, you’ll find full-flavoured slow-cooked suppers and effortless quick-and-easy dinners to whip up in a pinch. From dinner-party showstoppers to family-night comfort food, Barry has every meal covered.

Easy baking recipes take center stage as well with straight forward, old fashioned recipes you'll love, including those heavenly desserts that have made Rock Recipes famous the world over. And as always, every recipe is accompanied by one of Barry’s amazing full-colour photographs to help guide you from preparation to presentation. With helpful cooking tips and a recipe for every possibility, Rock Recipes makes mealtime as easy as 1, 2, 3!